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 Raccolta di Studi su Olio Ozonizzato e Ozono Terapia

Articles Scientifiques: Huile Ozonée

Studio sull’uso dell’olio ozonizzato nel trattamento delle dermatiti

Olio di girasole ozonizzato e riduzione danno ossidativo

Effetti gastroprotettivi dell’Olio di Girasole Ozonizzato

Olio ozonizzato e dermatologia

Stress ossidativo e radicali liberi: test con ozonoterapia

Ozono ed olio ozonizzato nelle malattie della pelle

Ozone and Ozonated Oils in Skin Diseases: A Review, V. Travagli, I. Zanardi, G. Valacchi, V. Bocci

Infezioni cutanee e olio ozonizzato

Alleviation of antioxidant defense system by ozonized oil in colitis.

A precise knowledge of ozonated oils will help to define the favourable and peculiar properties of these functional dermatological matrices. Travagli V, Zanardi I, Bocci V.

Topical applications of ozone and ozonated oils as anti-infective agents: an insight into the patent claims. Travagli V, Zanardi I, Bocci V.

Perspectives of using ozonized solutions in complex treatment of patients with mechanical jaundice,Sinenchenko GI, Kabanov MIu, Tikhonchuk SV.

The Use of Ozonized Oil in the Treatment of Dermatophitosis Caused by Microsporum Canis in RabbitsBrazilian Journal of Microbiology

In vitro” antifungal activity of ozonized sunflower oil on yeasts from onychomycosis, L.V. Guerrer, K. C. Cunha, M. C. L. Nogueira, C. C. Cardoso, M. M. C. N. Soares, M. T. G. Almeida
I. Zanardi, S. Burgassi, E. Paccagnini, M. Gentile, V. Bocci, V. Travagli

Ozonated oils as functional dermatological matrices: effects on the wound healing process using SKH1 mice. Valacchi G, Zanardi I, Lim Y, Belmonte G, Miracco C, Sticozzi C, Bocci V, Travagli V.

Effects of ozonated olive oil on acute radiation proctitis in rats, Gültekin FA, Bakkal BH, Sümer D, Köktürk F, Bektaş S.

Evaluation of ozonated olive oil with or without adjunctive application of calcium sodium phosphosilicate on post-surgical root dentin hypersensitivity: a randomized, double-blinded, controlled, clinical trial, Patel PV, Patel A, Kumar S, Holmes JC.

Cytological assessment of healing palatal donor site wounds and grafted gingival wounds after application of ozonated oil: an eighteen-month randomized controlled clinical trial, Patel PV, Kumar S, Vidya GD, Patel A, Holmes JC, Kumar V.

A review of the properties and applications of ozone in endodontics: an update. Mohammadi Z, Shalavi S, Soltani MK, Asgary S.

test olio ozonizzato

test olio ozonizzato

Articoli di carattere scientifico: ozono e ozonoterapia

Il paradosso dell’ozonoBocci V, Borrelli E, Travagli V, Zanardi I.

Ozone as Janus: this controversial gas can be either toxic or medically useful. Bocci V.

Is ozone therapy therapeutic? Bocci V.

Is it true that ozone is always toxic? The end of a dogma. Bocci V.

Tropospheric ozone toxicity vs. usefulness of ozone therapy. Bocci V.

Does ozone therapy normalize the cellular redox balance? Implications for therapy of human immunodeficiency virus infection and several other diseases. Bocci V.

Ozone therapy. Di Paolo N, Bocci V, Gaggiotti E.

Changes in Haemochromocytometric Values in
Horses after Ozone Auto-haemotransfusion, Part 1, E.Ballardini

Changes in Haemochromocytometric Values in Horses after Ozone Auto-haemotransfusion, Part 2,E.Ballardini

The ozone therapy in patients with mechanical jaundice of tumorous genesisParkhisenko IuA, Bil’chenko SV.

An integrated medical treatment for type-2 diabetes. Bocci V, Zanardi I, Huijberts MS, Travagli V.

Selective ozone concentrations may reduce the ischemic damage after a stroke. Frosini M, Contartese A, Zanardi I, Travagli V, Bocci V.

Oxygen/ozone as a medical gas mixture. A critical evaluation of the various methods clarifies positive and negative aspects. Bocci V, Zanardi I, Travagli V.

Scientific and medical aspects of ozone therapy. State of the art. Bocci VA.

Ozone: a new therapeutic agent in vascular diseases. Bocci V, Zanardi I, Travagli V.

Ozone as a bioregulator. Pharmacology and toxicology of ozonetherapy today. Bocci V.

Studies on the biological effects of ozone: 7. Generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) after exposure of human blood to ozone. Bocci V, Valacchi G, Corradeschi F, Aldinucci C, Silvestri S, Paccagnini E, Gerli R.

Hyperbaric oxygen, oxygen-ozone therapy, and rheologic parameters of blood in patients with peripheral occlusive arterial disease. Verrazzo G, Coppola L, Luongo C, Sammartino A, Giunta R, Grassia A, Ragone R, Tirelli A.

Some aspects of ozone therapy, Antoszewski Z, Kulej J, Wygledowski M, Kozakiewicz J, Antoszewski L, Moszkowicz T, Chmurzewska H.

Biological and clinical effects of ozone. Has ozone therapy a future in medicine? Bocci V.

The case for oxygen-ozonetherapy. Bocci V.

Oxygen-ozone therapy in medicine: an update. Bocci V, Di Paolo N.

The ozone paradox: ozone is a strong oxidant as well as a medical drug. Bocci V, Borrelli E, Travagli V, Zanardi I.

Reversion by ozone treatment of acute nephrotoxicity induced by cisplatin in rats. González R, Borrego A, Zamora Z, Romay C, Hernández F, Menéndez S, Montero T, Rojas E.

Ventral and dorsal root injury after oxygen-ozone therapy for lumbar disk herniation. Ginanneschi F, Cervelli C, Milani P, Rossi A.

Aspects of using ozone in medicine, Idov IE.

Ozone acting on human blood yields a hormetic dose-response relationship. Bocci VA, Zanardi I, Travagli V.

Ozone-oxygen therapy for gynecologic carcinomas. The effect of parenteral-ozone oxygen mixture administration on free fatty acids and triglycerides in patients with gynecologic carcinomas, Müller-Tyl E, Salzer H, Reisinger L, Washüttl J, Wurst F.

Therapeutic efficacy of ozone in patients with diabetic foot. Martínez-Sánchez G, Al-Dalain SM, Menéndez S, Re L, Giuliani A, Candelario-Jalil E, Alvarez H, Fernández-Montequín JI, León OS.

Ozone and its usage in general medicine and dentistry. A review article. Seidler V, Linetskiy I, Hubálková H, Stanková H, Smucler R, Mazánek J.risultati olio ozonizzato

Activation of eicosanoid metabolism in human airway epithelial cells by ozonolysis products of membrane fatty acids. Leikauf GD, Zhao Q, Zhou S, Santrock J.

Ozone therapy: clinical and basic evidence of its therapeutic potential. Re L, Mawsouf MN, Menéndez S, León OS, Sánchez GM, Hernández F.

Effect of ozone therapy on muscle oxygenation. Clavo B, Pérez JL, López L, Suárez G, Lloret M, Rodríguez V, Macías D, Santana M, Morera J, Fiuza D, Robaina F, Günderoth M.

Autohaemotherapy after treatment of blood with ozone. A reappraisal. Bocci V.

Intramammary application of ozone therapy to acute clinical mastitis in dairy cows. Ogata A, Nagahata H.

Can the combination of localized « proliferative therapy » with « minor ozonated autohemotherapy » restore the natural healing process? Gracer RI

Ozone therapy of migraine, Kotov SA.

Protective effect of ozone treatment on the injury associated with hepatic ischemia-reperfusion: antioxidant-prooxidant balance. Peralta C, León OS, Xaus C, Prats N, Jalil EC, Planell ES, Puig-Parellada P, Gelpí E, Roselló-Catafau J.

Ozone and gynecologic radiotherapy, Hernuss P, Müller-Tyl E, Wicke L.

Decrease of blood cholesterol and stimulation of antioxidative response in cardiopathy patients treated with endovenous ozone therapy. Hernández F, Menéndez S, Wong R.

Ozone oxidative preconditioning: a protection against cellular damage by free radicals. León OS, Menéndez S, Merino N, Castillo R, Sam S, Pérez L, Cruz E, Bocci V.

To what extent does ozone therapy need a real biochemical control system? Assessment and importance of oxidative stress. Hernández FA.

Efficacy of different methods of ozone therapy in vascular complications of diabetes mellitus, Kulikov AG, Turova EA, Shcherbina TM, Kisileva OM.

Ozone therapy in medicine and dentistry. Nogales CG, Ferrari PH, Kantorovich EO, Lage-Marques JL.

Effects of oxygen-ozone therapy on age-related degenerative retinal maculopathy. Riva Sanseverino E, Meduri RA, Pizzino A, Prantera M, Martini E

Ozone therapy and pressure-pulse therapy in Ménière’s disease. Pawlak-Osińska K, Kaźmierczak H, Kaźmierczak W, Szpoper M.

Treatment with ozone/oxygen-pneumoperitoneum results in complete remission of rabbit squamous cell carcinomas. Schulz S, Häussler U, Mandic R, Heverhagen JT, Neubauer A, Dünne AA, Werner JA, Weihe E, Bette M.

Ozone therapy in treatment of local sluggish suppurative inflammation of maxillofacial soft tissues, Agapov VS, Smirnov SN, Shulakov VV, Tsarev VN.

Ozone therapy in patients with chronic purulent frontal sinusitis, Muminov AI, Khushvakova NZh.

The role of ozone/oxygen in clindamycin-associated enterocolitis in the Djungarian hamster (Phodopus sungorus sungorus), Schulz S.

Rational bases for using oxygen-ozonetherapy as a biological response modifier in sickle cell anemia and beta-thalassemia: a therapeutic perspective, Bocci V, Aldinucci C.

Minimally invasive oxygen-ozone therapy for lumbar disk herniation, Andreula CF, Simonetti L, De Santis F, Agati R, Ricci R, Leonardi M.

Reasons for the application of medical ozone in the treatment of chronic purulent mesotympanitis, Shakov VIu, Edeleva AN.

Ozone-induced oxygen radical release from bronchoalveolar lavage cells and airway hyper-responsiveness in dogs, Stevens WH, Conlon PD, O’Byrne PM.

Influence of intravenous ozone treatment on the level of different specificity antibodies, Mandzhgaladze NR, Kharebava ER, Didia TsG, Ardzhevanishvili MD, Gudzhabidze MV, Chigiashvili TsN.

Lipid peroxidation and blood gas contents during ozone therapy in post-resuscitation period, Almazov VA, Kontorshchikova KN, Gurevich VS.

Use of dissolved ozone in the treatment of experimental tuberculosis in mice, Belianin II, Shmelev EI, Martynova LP, Nikonenko BV.

Lipid peroxidation and activity of antioxidative enzymes in the rat model of ozone therapy, Laszczyca P, Kawka-Serwecińska E, Witas I, Dolezych B, Falkus B, Mekail A, Ziółkowska B, Madej P, Migula P.

Advantages and risks of ozone therapy, Oepen I, Eisenmenger W, Schmitt H, Maroske D.

Animal experiment studies on the use of ozone in irradiated and non-irradiated tumors. I. Intravenous ozone therapy of Crocker’s sarcoma 180 and Ehrlich carcinoma in the white mouse], Grundner HG, Bauer E, Tramer G, Utesch E.

Application of ozone in medicine: problems and perspectives, Shcherbatiuk TG.

Ozone-oxygen therapy in proctology, Knoch HG, Klug W.

Possibilities of reparative regeneration of the tracheal epithelium under conditions of ozone therapy in experimental animals, Chernekhovskaia NE, Iarema IV, Shishlo VK, Andreev VG, Khodos DV.

Virion disruption by ozone-mediated reactive oxygen species, Murray BK, Ohmine S, Tomer DP, Jensen KJ, Johnson FB, Kirsi JJ, Robison RA, O’Neill KL.

Use of ozonotherapy in clinical practice, Zakharash MP, Malynovs’kyĭ SIu.

Application of ozone therapy in complex treatment of patients with acute necrotizing pancreatitis, Kopchak VM, Khomiak IV, Duvalko AV, Stasenko AA, Dieiev VA.

Intradiscal injection of oxygen-ozone gas mixture for the treatment of cervical disc herniations. Alexandre A, Corò L, Azuelos A, Buric J, Salgado H, Murga M, Marin F, Giocoli H.

The influence of ozone therapy on endothelial damage markers in patients with atherosclerosis of lower extremities, Rość D, Ponikowska I, Paczuski R, Włodarczyk K, Zastawna E, Michalski A.


Inactivation of fungi associated with barley grain by gaseous ozoneAllen B, Wu J, Doan H.

Major ozonated autohemotherapy promotes the recovery of upper limb motor function in patients with acute cerebral infarctionWu X, Li Z, Liu X, Peng H, Huang Y, Luo G, Peng K.

A review of the properties and applications of ozone in endodontics: an update, Mohammadi Z, Shalavi S, Soltani MK, Asgary S.

A review of the properties and applications of ozone in endodontics: an update, Mohammadi Z, Shalavi S, Soltani MK, Asgary S.

Ozone selectively inhibits growth of human cancercells, Sweet F, Kao MS, Lee SC, Hagar WL, Sweet WE

Ozone Therapy for Tumor Oxygenation: a Pilot Study, Clavo B, Pérez JL, López L, Suárez G, Lloret M, Rodríguez V, Macías D, Santana M, Hernández MA, Martín-Oliva R, Robaina F

La preistoria degli Studi scientifici sull’ozono

Observation on the Medical Administration of Ozonized Oils, Theophilus Thompson, Med Chir Trans. 1859

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Ozono e mal di schiena, « Sorrisi e Canzoni » 2013

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