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Splints Stop Formula

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Splints are a typical problem for young horses, that mainly affects anterior limbs. We explored the subject more deeply in an article you can read here.

Traditionally, splints were treated using particularly invasive methods, such as cauterization, which is a practice that has completely fallen into disuse, or using vesicant products with dubious effectiveness and serious side-effects, according to a strict, outdated interpretation of the natural and physiological heat principle.

Tempest has taken this natural thermogenesis principle in a rational and innovative way, on the one hand by re-discovering the « historic » ingredients used in stables, such as herbalist’s phyto-derivatives or pig’s fat (the latter replaces the industrial and chemical ingredients such as Vaseline), and on the other hand by taking advantage of the benefits of ozone-therapy and ozonated oil with numerous regenerative and remodelling scientifically recognized properties.

The pack of 1 BioScurf 180 ml. + 1 BioBlister 250 ml. is now available at 99,00 € (instead of 126,00 €) being a saving of 27,00 € (until the end of the special offer).

Today, treating splints in a natural way is possible and, with the STOP SPLINTS PACK, it is even more economical for you. Why not try?