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BioBlister Warming Pre Race Ointment



Warming Pre-Race  Ointment for Race Horses

Characteristics: BIO BLISTER is an ointment formulated with active ingredients such as: essential oil of coriander, cinnamon essential oil, walnut husk oil on a natural basis of lard glyceride.

Heating, softening and soothing it is essential to increase the dilation, oxygenation and blood flow before the race in a natural and physiological way. Transparent and without any doping ingredient, it is suitable for all horse races and is particularly recommended for:


  • Muscles
  • Joints
  • Tendons
  • Ligaments
  • Carpus
  • Splints

Way of use: Apply with a massage

  1. a) Heating Use: From 10 to 30 seconds before half an hour of an effort.
    b)Rubefacient use: 1-2 minutes on fetlocks 2-3 minutes knees, hocks, stifles and muscles.

Warnings: In cases of hypersensitivity stop operation. External use. Keep out of reach of children.
250 ml. pbw € 66.00 including VAT

Before After Race and CompetitionOut Of Stock

Competition Formula

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Proper heating is an essential component of Athletic Preparation, also for the Sports Horse.
Get it with natural, non-invasive and physiologically compatible methods, dramatically improves racing performance and allows for optimal and fast recovery of fitness.
All this is transformed in greater physical well-being and therefore more respect and less risk of undesirable pathological implications.

Equal attention should be paid to the Post Race Phase, when the Athletic Horse body needs to absorb the extraordinary effort and return to normal physiological rhythms.

The crucial points, we know, are joints and tendons. Using products that accompany recovery at this delicate stage means limiting the risks of damage, enhancing the well-being and vitality of our wealthy person to ensure that the overall experience of the competition is not associated with pain or stress but is an exciting and adrenalinic moment as it is for us.

Buy now the Combination 1 BioBlister + 1 RedBlister at 97 € (instead of 121 €) and save 24 €.

If you love your horse, not only in words, before and after the race give him a full of health and well being

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Pre Race Pack

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Preparing for an event as important and complex as a sports competition, human athletes know it well, requires implication, steadiness, and the ability to do the right thing at the right moment.

If you want to differentiate yourself, you should never leave anything to chance, especially if your opponents are battle-hardened and ready to take advantage of any mistake you could make.

So you need a well-thought-out, extremely effective, and why not natural programme, such as Tempest’s, for example.

Generally, metabolically, the daily absorption of OzoneForce has re-oxygenating and immunostimulating effects.

The Ozone (O3) contained in the oil leads to a sort of oxygenation (O2) of all the cells and helps the athlete’s body to face exceptional efforts in the best way as possible.

This results in the increase of physical stamina and the reduction of lactic acid in blood.

Just as important is the local preparation of muscles, tendons, and joints.

The natural unguent Bio Blister made from fat and phyto-derivatives such as cinnamon and coriander is a warming product very efficient to physically increase vasodilation and thus reduce the warm-up time and especially the problems due to an inadequate or a too short warm-up, such as contracting, distortions or strained muscles.

At the end of the effort, BioBlister is an excellent relaxing product that helps the body’s natural activity of recovery of the dairy rhythms, which allows the horse to stay in good shape for the next race.

BioBlister is transparent, light, not invasive and, of course, is not a doping product.

Sometimes good results at races may seem unexplainable and amazing but anyone working behind the scenes knows that they are the fruit of a global, accurate programme.

If you want to be successful where the others have failed, do not do what the others have done!

You want to differentiate yourself? Today it’s possible and in a natural way!

The Pre-race pack, including OzoneForce ozonated oil 200 ml (pp. 115,90 €) and BioBlister warming unguent (pp. 66,00 €) in a sufficient quantity for 4 to 5 pre-races, is available for 149,00 € (instead of  181,90 €).