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In Dorsal Displacement of the Soft Palate in Horses called “Dislocation” is essential to act on the causes of the problem and intervene with prevention. We talked about it in an article widely read our Blog.

Tempest has developed an unique treatment protocol that is giving excellent results in treated cases.

  1. 1. Locally the application of ointment Bio Blisters a minute for 3 days under the throat and then a minute a week. The lubricating function of the natural basis in lard glyceride is associated with a vasodilation determined by cinnamonium and methyl nicotinate. This increases the blood supply and thus oxygen nearby of the epiglottis and soft palate, improving mechanical functionality in a completely natural, no-doping way and without any discomfort to the horse.
  2. 2. Simultaneously, the oral administration of 10 ml of OzoneForce daily as a therapy for two / three weeks has significantly decreased the incidence of dislocation in all those cases of secondary  inflammation of the upper airway (sores on the caudal edge of the soft palate, ulcerations on the back epiglottis, swelling of the guttural pouches, pharyngeal follicles, cysts, laryngeal hemiplegia of first and second degree, phlegm and / or redness, inflammation, etc.) or in cases of temperamental horse problems (neuroses, anxiety, tendency to refuse to work or travel, hooding the head etc.): that because the ozone has demonstrated anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, mildly sedative and muscle relaxant properties.

The natural and no-doping solution is effective as Before Race Treatment, as consequential to therapy and as preventive measure in suspected cases, with the following protocol: application of Bio Blister one week before the race, for one minute every two days for 3 times and administration of 10 ml Ozone Force a day for five days until the day before the race and then 20 ml half an hour before and application of the “scoop” to assist in cases of mechanical displacement.

If you think that dislocation is an insurmountable problem for Your Horse, now you have to think it again!

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Bio Blister, is a natural ointment formulated with active ingredients of natural origin on a basis of lard glyceride.  Transparent, warming, softening Bio Blister has rubefacient properties and realizes an increase in blood flow and therefore oxygen nearby of the epiglottis and soft palate, improving the mechanical and functionality, in a completely natural, no-doping and without any discomfort to the horse.

Ozone Force, a natural ozonized sunflower oil, non-doping and 100% pure. Ozone is not a drug and neither a chemical product, but is the more simple and vital existing molecule, O3, 3 oxygen molecules instead of 2 (the oxygen is O2). The ozone molecules captured in the ozonized oil, in addition to the anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, mildly sedative and muscle relaxant properties of Ozone, realize the most natural and powerful form of Oxygenation.

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