Ozone Triple Force

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The 200 ml. bottle of OzoneForce has been thought for a standard use for 20 days, at the rate of 10 ccs. per day. The first results appear about 5 to 7 days after the beginning of the treatment and the 20 days indicated are generally sufficient for a complete treatment. As with everything, lasting results appear on condition of being steady and persistent.

Therefore, we are presenting to our clients Ozone Triple Force, the pack containing 3 bottles of OzoneForce 200 ml, that is to say 60 days of daily treatment, for 227,00 € (instead of 347,70 €) being a saving of 120,70 €, that is to say more than 35% saved.

Results reward efforts, but saving money is still a precious help.

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The Ozone Double Force Pack includes:


3 bottles of Ozone Force 200 ml. OzoneForce is a natural ozonized sunflower oil, non-doping and 100% pure. Ozone is not a drug and neither a chemical product, but is the more simple and vital existing molecule, O3, 3 oxygen molecules instead of 2 (the oxygen is O2). The ozone molecules captured in the ozonized oil, in addition to the anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial properties of Ozone, realize the most natural and powerful form of Oxygenation. To find out more, go to Ozone Force page.

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