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Tendons & Ligaments Formula

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The new tinctures and natural ointments, rubefacient and stimulant, are inspired by the traditional “blistering” in order to make more blood flow in the affected areas, but they do so by encouraging the natural healing process, without compromising the safety of epidermal and mesodermal tissue and then without any side effect.


These new generation products, born from Dr. Ballardini’s long experience as horse vet and ozone therapist, associate vasodilation needed to draw blood and oxygenate a notoriously faster vascularized tissue such as tendon, an anti-inflammatory effect given by phytotherapic substances present together with those revulsive.


The ozonated oil use is an absolute innovation which on one side gives continuity to the interventions of most classic ozone therapy  and on the other side is a valuable and practical complement to other reparative therapy.


Ozone, O3, favors a high oxygenation and stimulation of micro capillary circulation which cause a reduction in healing time and a faster fiber regeneration.


All in the name of naturalness and in total respect of the equine and human welfare.


The combination of 1 Kaliz bottle of 100 ml + 1 Red Blister of 100 ml. + 1 Bio Scurf 180 ml bottle you can buy now, priced at € 127.00 (instead of 154,00€), save € 27.00 (until the end of the promotional offer).

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Stop Ringbones, Foot Ok

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The daily prevention and care of hooves, coronets, soles and ringbones can prevent the appearance of serious complications and ensure the well-being, health and harmonious growth of horses’ and foals’ foot.

The new natural rubefacient and stimulating unguents are inspired by traditional stable products to increase blood flow to the affected areas by reducing inflammation and by increasing oxygenation thanks to natural and innovative ingredients such as algae-based organic iodine, a healthy substitute for metallic iodine, or cinnamon and arnica, both traditional phyto-therapeutic ingredients.

Why use toxic, outdated, invasive active principles when the natural tissues and cartilages repairing process can be facilitated with ozonated oil, which is the main ingredient of BioScurf, the absolute innovation in the hippiatric world?

Ozone, O3, boosts the oxygenation and the micro-capillary stimulation, which reduces the healing and regeneration time of fibers and increases the metabolism of red corpuscles.

Black Blister and BioScurf used daily are excellent adjuvants to anti-inflammatory treatment; making blood circulate remains the basic principle for remodelling and thus reducing new bone formations such as splints.

The pack of 1 Black Blister 250 ml. + 1 BioScurf 180 ml. is now available at 93,00 € (instead of 115,00 €), being a saving of 22,00 € (until the end of the special offer).

A natural and innovative therapy to treat the foot and fight against the formation of splints is now available, and thanks to this new special offer, at a very attractive price. Do not hesitate!

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Dislocation Formula

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In Dorsal Displacement of the Soft Palate in Horses called “Dislocation” is essential to act on the causes of the problem and intervene with prevention. We talked about it in an article widely read our Blog.

Tempest has developed an unique treatment protocol that is giving excellent results in treated cases.

  1. 1. Locally the application of ointment Bio Blisters a minute for 3 days under the throat and then a minute a week. The lubricating function of the natural basis in lard glyceride is associated with a vasodilation determined by cinnamonium and methyl nicotinate. This increases the blood supply and thus oxygen nearby of the epiglottis and soft palate, improving mechanical functionality in a completely natural, no-doping way and without any discomfort to the horse.
  2. 2. Simultaneously, the oral administration of 10 ml of OzoneForce daily as a therapy for two / three weeks has significantly decreased the incidence of dislocation in all those cases of secondary  inflammation of the upper airway (sores on the caudal edge of the soft palate, ulcerations on the back epiglottis, swelling of the guttural pouches, pharyngeal follicles, cysts, laryngeal hemiplegia of first and second degree, phlegm and / or redness, inflammation, etc.) or in cases of temperamental horse problems (neuroses, anxiety, tendency to refuse to work or travel, hooding the head etc.): that because the ozone has demonstrated anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, mildly sedative and muscle relaxant properties.

The natural and no-doping solution is effective as Before Race Treatment, as consequential to therapy and as preventive measure in suspected cases, with the following protocol: application of Bio Blister one week before the race, for one minute every two days for 3 times and administration of 10 ml Ozone Force a day for five days until the day before the race and then 20 ml half an hour before and application of the “scoop” to assist in cases of mechanical displacement.

If you think that dislocation is an insurmountable problem for Your Horse, now you have to think it again!

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Splints Stop Formula

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Splints are a typical problem for young horses, that mainly affects anterior limbs. We explored the subject more deeply in an article you can read here.

Traditionally, splints were treated using particularly invasive methods, such as cauterization, which is a practice that has completely fallen into disuse, or using vesicant products with dubious effectiveness and serious side-effects, according to a strict, outdated interpretation of the natural and physiological heat principle.

Tempest has taken this natural thermogenesis principle in a rational and innovative way, on the one hand by re-discovering the « historic » ingredients used in stables, such as herbalist’s phyto-derivatives or pig’s fat (the latter replaces the industrial and chemical ingredients such as Vaseline), and on the other hand by taking advantage of the benefits of ozone-therapy and ozonated oil with numerous regenerative and remodelling scientifically recognized properties.

The pack of 1 BioScurf 180 ml. + 1 BioBlister 250 ml. is now available at 99,00 € (instead of 126,00 €) being a saving of 27,00 € (until the end of the special offer).

Today, treating splints in a natural way is possible and, with the STOP SPLINTS PACK, it is even more economical for you. Why not try?

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Muscular Block Stop

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The first cause of Muscular Blockade, real horse trainer’s nightmare, is the lack of oxygen, namely the reversal of myoglobin from muscle cells into the blood. We have examined the subject in an article of our Blog, which you can find at this link.

The remedies to counter this possibility, far from uncommon for individuals undergoing intensive training, range from diet to rules for a proper training program.

An absolutely natural support Tempest has taken from the experience in ozone therapy, of which ozonated oil is the most practical application.

In case of Muscular Block the effect can be doubled with the concurrent use of Ozone Force, as pure ozonated oil by mouth, and Bio Scurf, a massage oil with the numerous and aknowledged regenerating and remodeling properties of Ozone.

The combination of 1 Ozone Force Bio Scurf +1 200 ml bottle 180 ml bottle can be bought now, at the price of € 147.00 (instead), saving € 28.90 (until the end of a promotional offer).

Health in and out, Ozone Inside and outside is the most natural and effective way to counter Muscular Block: try it now, before your opponents find out!