BLACK BLISTER – Ointment with organic iodine and arnica

Characteristics: Ointment formulated in lard glyceride with active ingredients of natural origin such as organic iodine, arnica extract, cinnamomun essential oil, coriander and methyl nicotinate.

New formula without Parabens!

Especially indicated for the horse’s feet, pasterns, fetlocks, bruising, swelling, bone protuberance and arthritis in general. Veterinary use. 

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Black Blister Unguento Corone


BLACK BLISTER Unguento con iodio organico ed arnica per cavalli

Black Blister è un unguento formulato in sugna con principi attivi di origine naturale quali iodio organico, arnica, olio essenziale di cannella, coriandolo e nicotinato di metile. Ora con nuova formulazione senza parabeni!

Ammorbidente, protettivo e lenitivo, particolarmente indicato come coadiuvante delle problematiche legate al piede /corone, formelle, nodelli, ematomi, gonfiori, schinelle, artrosi in generale.
Uso veterinario.

Confezione da 250 ml. p.p. euro 59,00 iva compresa

 It is normally applied – preceded by trichotomy – rubbing with paint brush:

a) Normal: 1 minute, once-twice a week
c) Strong: 1 minute on the first day, 2 minutes on the second day, three minutes on the third day
After topical application cover the area with cellophane, binder and bandage.

Warnings: In cases of hypersensitivity, suspend its use. Use disposable gloves.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse with much cold water. Keep out of reach of children.

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